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Vista Sista

It’s Thursday afternoon. My peace is shattered by the sound of the window cleaners performing their aerial aquabatics . Big G is perched to my left & Hero dog snoozes at my feet.

were chilling, soaking it all in. Lockdown part deux, the presidential farce I mean race (oops) we’re suffering , saturated, information overload yet We know nothing Of what really is going on.

The current situation is much like my brain cancer we have info from lots of angles but are we ever any the wiser?? I give up trying to work covid, cancer or anything else starting with the letter “C“ out.

I have however been to one of my favourite spots this morning. Myself & the big man have peaked mount roseberry, (Roseberry topping lol) earlier today. This means so much more than the physical to me & my family. to me it’s a test, what am I capable of? can my body still function ? Mentally I’m at the summit before my body but we all arrive together eventually. It’s a fine , blustery morning we meet fellow walkers & even a daredevil mountain biker ready to ascend at speed. Hero dog is in full flight bounding along the muddy tracks & towing 2 Glees uphill no doubt he’ll sleep tonight. It’s a treat for the eyes at the top. 360 vista of gods greenest. It’s good for the soul. Nature feeds me . I did however discuss if by some chance (not on my watch ) i don’t make it I’d like part of my ashes sprinkled off the top of ‘ol Rosy .

We descend. Get home. Make a toastie & a brew. I eat my lunch victorious . Knowing that I just clawed back a bit of a life I once I loved. My body is far more capable than I give it credit for & im grateful. Oh so grateful - for my resolve, my chance to live , extra time with the kids. Everyday. Literally everyday is a blessing.

Peace out.


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