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The climb

Im 40 on Tuesday. It’s Thursday today . I’m 39 . In a Blink of an eye I’ll be middle aged! When I was a teenager, 40 was freaking ancient ! I remember the disgust my friends & I would have if there dared to be a 40 year old looking woman busting a move in da club! One minute your a teen getting new school shoes & a compass for school in September, the next your a fully

fiedged figgy . How does that even happen !?!

Honestly though I’m just glad to be making 40. I’m not at all worried about getting older there’s a comfort & wisdom in that . I dare to say i‘d feel differently if I wasn’t in a dog fight But here I am on the cusp of middle age. I described how I was feeling to a friend earlier. I said I think I’ve mourned my old life . That times gone my carefree days are well & truly over but as my wise friend said ; true , but who’s to say this next chapter albeit not the one i had in mind can’t be a better one? Being the eternal optimist that I am I love the idea. When life throws you a problem shout plot twist. It’s true our paths change & meander all the time granted mines currently a bit wayward but it’s my path & im glad to be still putting one foot in front of the other .

Im alone writing this afternoon, the kids Are back at school, G back training , I didn’t sleep at all last night so spending my Time

writing & playing puzzle blocks.

See u over the hill. Gx

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