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  • gem lee


Welcome back. We've been celebrating! 2 Lockdown birthdays! Thank the lord for Amazon saving the day as theres no nipping to the shops browsing for gifts.

Despite cancelled parties, deflated balloons & crumbling cake we've had a nice time of it really. we had fun, laughs & made some lovely memories even had family social distanced visitors.

For Graeme I had a bar made for the garden its absolutely class he loves it & we've enjoyed a tipple or two of an evening out there this past week. We had a great night on hs birthday enjoying a TwoLittleBirds charcuterie board, wow! Taste explosion .Delicious ! Thank you girls x

Little G loves his football so he's easy to buy for .

I for one am not sending my kids back to school. I'm classed as high risk so affirms my decision for me. I don't make judgements each to their own you got to do whats right for your family. For mine this is right. I'm at peace with it just need to confiscate the PS4 now.

Indulge me again guys, I want to say a few thank you's. The ongoing love, support & motivation I receive from people is mind blowing especially during what is a stressful time for all. We've just made another order of the trial drug from Germany. We're greatful to everyone who has/is fundraising as it makes this possible. I have next brain scan in July so will see where were at.

The next lockdown occasion will be our 10 year wedding anniversary on th 11th I'll check back in after that.

Stay Safe.


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