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Hello there hope you're all staying safe & alert now as well.

Nothing much has changed here since I last checked in, still isolating, still safe , thankfully.

We have so much to be grateful for despite lockdown if you have love in your heart, a roof under which to sleep & food to eat then you are truly blessed.

On a personal level I'm doing great feeling much more like my old self , possibly even regaining some energy. This makes me nervous. Nervous you say ?? Yup thats right. After receiving more promising news regards my most recent MRI. You see I'm not used to receiving positive news as up until this point scans have indicated worsening progression. I'm still processing it.

I've received more supplies of my care oncology protocol drugs & we're ticking along. I have further bloodwork Thursday & oncology apt in July as well as my next scan.

We've been busy enjoying family time & I for one am not beating myself up over the lack of school work getting done ( sorry teachers ) We're making the most of family time . Kids have been stressed enough with all the changes in their lives, whilst as mothers we know how important education is my instinct is telling me to let them be kids & I refuse to feel guilty about it lol.

We had a tea party at the weekend. We've had 1 lockdown birthday & theres gonna be 2 more this month. So I decided we deserved a treat. I ordered afternoon tea from Two Little Birds, found them on insta. Local business doing cheeseboards, afternoon teas etc & they deliver! Absolutely yummy cannot recommend enough.

We went all out ( I love an occasion ) sent the kids invites, dressed for a fancy dinner - the kids loved it -- the big kids too. A memory was made no-one not even cancer can take.

My mood is reflected in the skies. Forecast bright & sunny I hope.

Until next time.

Stay safe & alert lol


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