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State your Repurpose.

So since I checked in last I've started the second protocol I'm following; repurposed drugs. Our visit to London involved a visit to the COC Clinic. ( careful naughty - Care Oncology Clinic) name has a ring to it.

So basically I'm taking 4 drugs whose primary purposes are not killing Monty (my Effing tumour ). They are used for things like treating high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive issues ( worms Ewwww) Some extremely clever people discovered that these very same drugs can starve specific pathways in my type of cancer.

Anyway I'm currently taking around 10 tablets daily still shattered but doing ok, can't complain. I'll have regular bloods & a follow up scan shortly & we'll see where we're at.

Anyway like the whole planet we've been monitoring the Coronavirus progression, my eldest is fixated. Between this & Kobe he's been quite upset & its brought up lots of questions I'm just not ready /equipped for. He floored me this morning asking what a widow is. I answered best I could knowing this could be a word he's heard in association with our family. My heart hurts for his & his sisters little hearts

We had a fantastic fundraising event at the weekend gave the pot a good boost & got to catch up after 20+ years. Thanks to my mam's cousin Sandra & her family for organising such an amazing event.

This weekend sees some of our family & friends take on a mammoth cross moor walk - I wish them the best of luck - love you all.

G x

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