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  • gem lee

Smile whilst you have teeth .

Tuesday 8th December; it’s early evening , Been pitch black outside since around 4pm. Candles are lit a seasonal scent fills the house. lights twinkle everywhere, the fire flickers the kids shriek with excitement. The advent is counting down nicely . We’re finalising lists of

presents, plans for food shopping, what tier we’ll be in. What ? yes that’s right we now live in an age where we worry what tier we’re in & what we’re allowed to do this Christmas.

Despite all this we still excitedly plan Christmas regardless. We’ve learned we make plans & god laughs. But make them anyway. Live in hope in all things. Is there any other way to love?

I LOVE Christmas. When I say love, I mean buddy the Elf style LOVE Christmas!!!” Santa....I know him “ I truly love the magic of Christmas akwAys gave always will. Granted it’ll b a little different this year but it can still be magical.

i for one may be steering away from the candy canes. My teeth. oh My days. I’ve had massively sensitive teeth since chemo & radio last year. I wondered if they were damaged as I have some thinning of the bones due to the steroids that I was in for the most of last year. My recent trip to the dentist after some facial pain & swelling has revealed the need for 4 fillings & a root canal. I’m seething (close to teething) bad enough have to go through all this crap then the meds u use to keep u alive wreak havoc else where. Small price to pay for being alive though! so smile whilst you have teeth .


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