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Hello again. How are we? We're doing fair. No complaints here. Gearing up for my upcoming brain MRI. Procrastinating , sleepless nights, nerves on a knifes edge. This is pre scan build up thats unfortunately become oh so familiar.

I'm writing this as my Sunday roast cooks & I amazon shop swimming shoes for the kids for our upcoming Lake District visit.

We''ve decided to book a trip to The Lakes ( one of our fave spots ) to hopefully celebrate positive scan results . BoJo has advised holiday parks can reopen so we decided we could safely social distance just as well in The Lakes as we can in The Boro. We can't wait , the kids are buzzing it's a welcome break for us all. Thanks to our friends up at Hillcroft Park for the holiday.

Whilst I'm giving thanks let me give a humongous one to the walkers who did the 13 miles sponsored walk to keep my fund raising pot ticking over. It was a tremendous effort by an eclectic group of people who gave up their Saturday's, their cash & potentially their podiatry health for me We're extremely greatful. Big G, his bro Anth & friend Dean Moore masterminded the event within the space of a week & its taken care of at least one months cost of treatment, a big help.

I couldn't attend the walk as i had the kids , couldn't cover the distance. I'm still not back driving so couldn't drive & wait for the walkers as I would have liked to. Big G represented though & sent me photos & updates.

I was emotional . The group shot at the start of the walk G sent me got me. Eyes leaked. It was the showing of support that cracked this old egg. It still astounds me that people do this for me, it still melts my heart, still lifts my spirits gives me the boost I need especially pre scan. So a great big massive thank you to you all.

I'm feeling much more like my old self. amazing right ? No terrifying I''m anxious what does it all mean, Big G reassures me daily (bless him) to focus on how I feel & go with it, rather than trying to work things out, Oh how I wish I was less wired.

I've been reflecting lots recently, I think it's my subconcious trying to determine ( thankless task ) why the hell I - a fit, strong , clean living, good kharma kid ended up wih this death sentence. Not a pity party just the rational part of me would like to find a reason cos if there is then theres the potential for a solution. Simple maths. Anyway once i'm classed as not needing to shield anymore I'm going to look into more healing sessions. I love my reiki & such

Until next time enjoy the sun ( when it reappears ) stay safe & as always please keep me in your prayers.

Never end the fight.


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