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Not today Satan

It’s Friday again, it’s Saturday , Sunday then....Easter holidays. So the kids have just gone back & their home again for 2 weeks. This time minus the school Work (thankfully) . I’m trying to find things for us to do this Easter but what with lockdown restrictions still in place & me still not driving we are limited. hoping for fair weather so we can get out on some dog walks no doubt we’ll do a bit of baking as it’s our fave stay home activity.

I’m chomping at the bit to get out to shops, lunch, cinema, anywhere just to get living!! It’s been a looong lockdown & us caged birds need to spread our wings.

To say there’s nothing to do, I’ve Bn fairly busy we’ve had dog walks, birthdays, home improvements & daring to look ahead to the future. The future , well, there’s an impending brain scan , my quarterly MRI. I’m hoping & praying for positive news. The dark thoughts chip away at my once brilliant brain. I try to block out anything negative thoughts but perpetual positivity seems impossible right now. scanxiety messes with me. You would think I’d become accustomed by now , I am not !

In spite of all this life is good. I bloody love life! We laugh , we love & we milk every drop every day out of life, I highly recommend it!

Not a lot more to say today other than Thanks again to all the golden folk who support me . The ongoing fundraising & outpouring of love & support is so valued, needed & vital.

peace & love as per,

Stay safe


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