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  • gem lee

New Year, new fear, more hope

Happy New Year!!!!! It’s 2021!!!! The shit show that was 2020 has gone like the mad dog it was.

it’s been a bit crap for everyone in general worse for some more than others. Fair to say that covid had impacted everyplace me included!

Rather than dwell on the year we lost (it’s 2 for me now seeing as though as I’m clocking them up ) lets look forwards. Albeit tentatively, let’s face it none of us know when indeed if this is gonna end . so best get living hey!

i for one choose to stay hopeful for a return to normal life . For shopping, walks with friends, cuppas with the A team. I long to get back to living now I feel strong enough to participate in life again. I’m feeling physically much more robust. Mentally there’s a bit of work to do. Baby steps.

had a wee bump in the ever winding road. Around 5 weeks ago I found a lump in my jaw. Ignored it at first (sensible) then it became uncomfortable & noticable . Went to the dentist they ruled out dental reason. Ended up havin it x rayed awaiting results & further ultrasound scan & potential biopsy. Whilst writing that sentence the gravity of it suddenly hit me! I’m feeling good so I’m convincing myself this something & nothing. But the devil on my shoulder has me up all night overthinking every scenario.

iI’m distracted with the kids being off so aiming to keep myself busy & optimistic .

My quarterly brain scan is next week so send prayers please peeps.

Here’s to us all. We all deserveto live in a healthy & free world. Until then stay safe & sane.


p.s happy second birthday Hero Dog 🐾

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