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  • gem lee


Merry Christmas to you all & thank you for visiting my little space. So since I posted last we've had my absolute favourite time of year CHRISTMAS !!!!!

We had the best time & I know its totally cliche but it was all about the people around the tree ( 15 around the table) & the memories made.

It's a strange feeling knowing your time is limited , it almost adds a pressure for all memories to be perfect & so on. Theres never a wasted, undervalued moment which in itself is quite exhausting.

The flip side to our awesome Christmas was that I had a further brain MRI scan last week so Im anxiously awaiting the result. Which will decide our next move which we hope will be a trial drug in Germany.

2019 has been a shitter in more ways than one but I'm eternally optimistic on what 2020 will bring.

Onwards & upwards warriors.

Happy New Year Y'all X

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