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  • gem lee

May is Gray in a good way.

Its may bank holiday. Ive been awake since 5am, no stress just wide awake.

I‘m taking a moment ( whilst everyones still sleeping ) for gratitude & some positive affirmations whilst listening to the bird song & basking in the mIlky morning sunlight. i‘m in bed sipping on a cappuccino , leccy blanky on low. Just enough . Feeling content.

Yesterday was an awesome day. I broke out. Haha i went to an outdoor music Event with my squad. What a feeling to be no longer locked down. We’ve done our time, now it’s time to shine. cliche.

My squad is my group of childhood friends. We met at secondary school & have been firm friends ever since. They’re not friends they’re family. I’m so blessed & very thankful for them.

We took a group photo yesterday. I posted it on social media. It’s a lovely picture . We’re all smiling & happy. What u can’t see is the trauma. Oh the Trauma. Each & everyone of those beautiful smiling faces has faced or are currently facing mammoth challenges, trauma, heartache; one way or another we’ve all been through it these past 2 years. We smile still, hold each other tighter. Stand firm shoulder to shoulder. I bloody love these women. So proud of us.

So it rained on us at this outdoor music event. it was wet & blustery. You know what it didn’t make an ounce of difference. we danced, we laughed, we reminisced. But most importantly we created another fantastic memory to go in the vault. I’ll forever be greatful for my friends.

in other news, cancer is still a mofo. I’m told I’ll never be free of it (inoperable due to location) but I choose to hang on for a miracle it’s better than considering the alternative (which inevitably does happen ) The cost of my meds (the ones keeping me alive ) has increased. Stress.

To the absolute Angels fund raising to help me buy my medicine every month. Thank you will never be enough but still. It’s never been more vital than now.

Until next time enjoy your freedom, be kind always.

Stay safe u lovely lot.


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