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  • gem lee


Since my last blog post the whole world has gone crazy. We're on global lock down , However, we're well looked after, & surprisingly still sane!

Thank Buddha for the sunshine. If we all squint a little we can almost be in Bali lol. Amazon have ran out of fence paint, B&Q of Barbies & Tesco of table plants. Our Homes & gardens have never glistened so much.

But the value is in the family time. Very very selfishly lockdown has improved my life. You see when given a terminal diagnosis a.k.a THE TEMINATOR life is undeniably changed. Forever, perhaps. I feel like my life has been locked down, paused if you like since receiving my diagnosis in Jan 2019.

So having hubby & the kids home with me has been nice. They make good company & a decent dog walking crew.

Myself & the dog are over the moon. SELFISH.

In more positive news my London Oncologist called me with my latest brain MRI result. His words^I.m stunned" we're having an "excellent response to treatment." Whoop bloody whoop F. U. Monty you've been served your eviction notice.

Im 2 & 3 months into the alternative treatment protocols I've been following & its more important than ever for me to stay on theses treatments they're buying me invaluable time. So I'd like to say thanks again anyone & everyone who's has helped raise funds for my drugs . Angels x.

So I continue as I am, I get scanned again in 3 month & hope for more good news. I've always said miracles happen, well why shouldn't I have one .



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