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Level up

40. I’m here. I made it! It feels good. I’m proud to say im over the hill.

ive had truly the best birthday month I could ever have imagined. ive been gifted, brunched, bubbled & Pampered I’m truly grateful for the month long celebrations which will wrap up with a spa in a weeks time.

Last Weekend I enjoyed a weekend in The Lakes with my little bubble . What a weekend! The best location, house, company . We had tennis on lawn, scones & bubbles, a private chef : real housewives Teesside style. It was exactly what I’d hoped it would be. my soul has had a refeed. I’m feeling refreshed & ready to continue the fight. Speaking of the fight , I have a brain scan next week to see where I’m at. I’m consumed by anxiety . No sleep, no appetite. Tempers short, patience frayed. Standard. Best get used to it hey.

i’ve had quite the battle obtaining the scan. Yup Your reading that correct. I’ve had to battle well my GP has, to get me my MRI. It was suggested that I pay for my MRI’s privately as I’ve sought private treatment. I have certainly sought second opinions & treatments that may prolong my life (who wouldn’t ) but an MRI is an extra expense we don’t need nor should we! Fortunately my G.P, Dr A. Is a compassionate, caring, integrative individual who has sorted my shit out. I’m very grateful. I can’t go without giving a massive shout out to the class act that is Doncaster Rovers Football Club. big G was captain at Donny for years & enjoyed great times there. They’re donating a percentage of each home shirt sale to my medical fund. Donny Donny Donny we ❤️You!

so until I check in next please send me positive thoughts & vibes & think of me in that metal tube next week.


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