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  • gem lee

Lakes Love

We've just touched base from our week in Pooley Bridge, The Lake District . We have had the best time ever! Big Thank You to our friends at Hillcroft Holiday Park for their generosity & hospitality. Quality accommodation, fantastic location, beautiful site, our go to in The Lakes with the kids. Thanks so much to the kindness of the girls at Two Little Birds UK for the fantastic picnic baskets they were a great start to our break, can’t recommend their goodies enough.

There were walks, pub lunches, boat trips, castle visits, lots & lots of lovely heart warming memories made. My soul feel refuelled, my resolve renewed , my legs wobbly ( I WALKED remember ). Our little Lee unit on the road, our fave thing to do travel. Our great friends The Jenko's joined us for a couple of days it was lovely, fantastic company as always.

The trip was planned as a distraction as we're awaiting my latest MRI brain results. We had a scheduled telephone appointment with my oncologist 5 days into our break. The planning that goes into this phone call is ridiculous . I want to be sat in private, no-one else in ear shot. The kids need to be safely distracted & totally unaware of the magnitude of the impending conversation. I have to be mentally prepared , emotionally resilient. The anxiety, oh the terror , my mind meanders , my guts churn. Theres no sleep to be had, A.N.X.I.E.T.Y sucks !! The is the routine leading uo to receiving my MRI results. It has become my new norm. Horrific. Imagine then if you will, working yourself up to this frenzy for, ZERO. Yup nothing , that's right for the 3rd time now JCUH ave not had my scan results for our results appointment. DEFLATION, doesn't come close. It feels like I've trained all my life for the Olympics only to miss out last minute. I'm ready, ready to hear what the fudge Monty ( my tumour ) is up to. Ready to see if the images are improving as I feel they must as I'm feeling so good. I hate to complain but I really don't feel it's acceptable to gee a cancer patient up to receive very important news, then nothing; rug pulled. head spinning . The Lakes were a good distraction forever the optimist no news can be good news until otherwise.

I'll check back once I have results. Please keep me in our prayers.


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