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  • gem lee


Hello everyone, hope we're all ok? We are living in unprecedented times, we're figuring out a new way of living as a global community.

I've been receiving advice via NHS text. Whilst I'm very grateful for this communication it's jarred me this week at 7am advising to self isolate from the rest of my house for 12 weeks !!! That would mean living in my bedroom, no interaction with the family . No hugging the kids. No snogging big G*jokes*. No can do. We're on lockdown as a family so taking every precaution that we can.

The threat of 12 weeks got my anxiety raging. What if I don't survive 12 weeks I'll never see my friends & family again! Sorry Mam I thought it so I said it. It played heavy on my mind yesterday.

My lovely friend Katie rang me from Oz we chatted about the above & in true Fee fashion she had me feeling better in no time.

As many of you know my Mam works in the NHS. She's also lived with us since my diagnosis. looking after myself, G, the kids, house, dog, our whole lives. She's has had to move back to her place to keep me safe. It was becoming too risky her coming back to ours from the hospital. I cried. I miss her. Stay safe Mam x.

We're all making necessary sacrifices, Hadley turned 5 her party was cancelled, she didn't get to see her cousins; but the sun has shone upon us like Mother Nature's smile we are blessed regardless. Let's hope we can flatten this curve. For this to happen we've got to listen to BoJo .

It's time. Time be selfless.

Time to kind.

Time to be resilient.

Stay safe - look after one another.



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