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  • gem lee

Internal inferno

Friday morning. 7am. Slaley Hall. Woke up to the sound of the fan furiously whirring in the hopes of cooling me down. I’ve slept a total of 1.5 hours all night 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ between the temperature, my hot flushes & pre scan anxiety. Even a field trip with Mam & the kids can’t tire my overactive mind out.

we drove up to Otterburn yesterday. My sister & fam are holidaying there. We came up for the day to see them. Yup I drove us! Yup I’m back behind the wheel!!! I can’t begin to explain how big a Deal this is in my journey! Almost 3 years out from driving! Now FREEDOM!!! Im absolutely elated I’m able & confident enough to drive again. It feels like a major stepping stone in my comeback. A day at one point in time, we thought would never be.

Im now the happiest mam on the school run, actually don’t mind the Marton crawl & oh the adventures my Heart has planned 🚗

Im greatful as always, I’m well aware many in my position would not still be alive never mind drive again, join the gym again . I’m so thankful for whatever/whoever is keeping me around . THANK YOU.

In other news it’s MRI time again! That 3 month just whizzes by!

So I ask of you 1 more favour, please send me your positive thoughts, prayers, spells, vibes. Let me glide

into that lonely tube feeling like we got this ❤️ Thank you


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