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I'm only human after all.

It’s 7.24am Wednesday 18th Feb 2021!!! 6 weeks into the New Year, what’s new? What have we got covid still kicking our doors down, kids still off school, still not seeing family & friends. Booked in for a vaccine I really would rather not have but pressure to obtain some kind of freedom is twisting my arm.

Yup we’re still living in some kind of bad, futuristic, movie shit show. I have to admit some of the conspiracy theories seem more likely true than not, but I’m over thinking everything, we just want it over whilst we still have a shred of our mental health in tact.

It’s been a difficult fortnight we’ve lost 2 friends to cancer 2 G's (how dare the bastard) 2 very decent guys. were devastated for the guys, their families & a little bit for us. You see in the cancer community a loss for one is a loss for all. Without getting on my political high horse I too am perplexed as to how they can formulate a covid vaccine within a year but no cure for that bastard (cancer) ! My anxiety has hit new heights in the words of George Ezra, : "Why why, what a terrible time to be alive

If you're prone to over thinking and

Why why, what a terrible time to be alive

If you're prone to second guessing"

yea that sums it up really.

ive spent the past 24 hours in bed poorly. I tell you this not for sympathy but to show that I’m human too. I still have grade IV brain cancer & I should likely expect this. But I don’t. I don’t accept it & I don’t tolerate it well. I’ve not took to my bed since my brain biopsy 2 year ago. It’s not what I do. Yesterday was different I thought I was heading to hosp for IV’s, luckily G came home from work to take care of the kids, after sleeping on & off all day I managed to eat an apple & keep it down. Progress.

Anyway regardless of the situation I’m just glad to still be on the journey with u all. We’ll get through this & they’ll be brighter days ahead.

until then, stay safe


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