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  • gem lee

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Thanks for visiting my little spot guys. Its been a brutal week, I've just gotten home from a 7 day hospital stay.

I went to my oncologist appointment I had been extremely nauseous & vomitting so I was admitted for IV fluids. On the ward they got to the bottom things literally lol my bowel had gone to sleep....lazy git! Can I just take this opportunity to thank & commend the staff on ward 14 JCUH they're absolutely impeccable the care & support were amazing, not forgetting to give thanks to Elvis & Hugo the PAT dogs for cheering me up. I'm blanking out my ng tube debacle lol.

Hospital can be a frightening & lonely experience I can honestly say that wasn't mine I was well looked after and had lots of lovely visitors & gifts. Shout out to The Boots Boro girls literally had heart emoji eyes over my goody box.

So remember my scanxiety well the results are in, a bit of a mixed bag, So whilst the original tumour has decreased slightly I now have new bits of growth above it! Complete devastation! We've been told before that if this was the case my only hope is an early stage trial drug.

We were prepared for this eventuality , thanks to the research skills of my good friend Kelly O'Malley. We had pencilled in a trip to Germany ( to see the Dr & get the trial drug) unfortunately I was unable to attend but Graeme , my big hero has made the trip alone on behalf.

Check out my next post for more on Germany & the trial.


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