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Goose is getting giddy

It’s Wednesday morning 12.45am I’m downstairs . Can’t sleep. Heads whirling with worries. Have I got all the presents? will the turkey turn out right? Where am I seating everyone? All the normal stuff we stress about this time of the year right? Yea, then there’s Lockdown, tier4, a new strain this is all a new language for us all to navigate. On top of that I’ve got my impending quarterly brain scan in January & a new lump that’s kindly made an appearance in my jaw. Fair to say sleep ain’t happening. I’m a habitual overthinker . Procrastination & restful sleep do not marry well. So here I am alone, Christmas pj’s on, acne in full flare , top knot & specs, early hours, squinting at the telly watching reruns of Christmas specials forcing out laughs trying to forget how brutally serious my life has become. I’ve been good, really good. Physically doing so much better. Mentally however I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall. Confidence is shaken. Hate to even type those words but I always promise to tell it how it is regardless how uncomfortable that may be.

I’m not even sure what my trigger has been . I’ve just got in my own head too much over analysing everything I say/do. Please bare with me whilst I get myself together then I’ll be ready for the comeback 2021.

Despite all the worry/stress pondering over covid, vaccines, social distancing Christmas is upon us & us Lee’s cannot wait! The Turkey chills in the fridge, crackers wait to be pulled & the mistletoe hangs expectantly. The show must go on. . So Merry Christmas to one & all & goodwill to all men & seriously here’s to 2021 you gotta a lot of making up to do.


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