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  • gem lee

Going places & empty spaces

Saturday afternoon’s sunshine bathes me in glorious rays. I sit in the living room , slough like on the couch bathing in golden light, contemplating life, death, love & everything in between. My Aunty Jack has just left, she’s been up helping with the ironing she’s a legend of a woman the matriarch of the tribe & we all love her dearly. We chatted about life she’s one of only a few people in the world who i Can be completely vulnerable with so it’s always good talking to her. So nice to chat with another adult, dare I say I’ve missed the kids this week (that’s right the kids NOT homeschooling 🙈) the dogs not got a lot of conversation so........

Seriously though what a relief the kids all being back in school. Everybody is better for it, kids need structure, routine, & other kids to play with & we parents need to reclaim some normality for santiy’s sake.

Right then, can’t be avoided, vaccines? I steer clear of this subject normally as it creates so much debate, emotion, reaction.

My view is it’s a very personal choice. We shouldn’t be judged, forced or coerced into a decision. I’m not somebody who opts for vaccines if it can be helped & I feel no different about this one, regardless of cancer.

Cant believe im saying it already! But my next scan is a month away & so the cycle repeats. You’d think I’d have gotten used to this by now...nope!

Let me take this opportunity to wish my Mam Happy Mother’s Day .It’s not quite the same this year but squeeze your mamas extra tight if your lucky enough to have them near. Don’t know what I’d do without mine ❤️Love ya nin thanks for always being by my side from Newport to New starts. Love ya Gx.

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