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Forty & Fabulous

Over the top. That’s me. Over the top of that bloody hill that is 40! It feels freaking fabulous to be defying the odds & still be here at forty!

I’ve celebrated spectacularly. Been truly spoiled & made fantastic memories.

Big G pulled out all the stops with a surprise garden party. It was amaze. Feast for my eyes, belly & soul. Thank you to everyone involved & who came along , some travelled all day. It was so lovely to look upon friends, family loved ones who have loved & supported us ❤️

We missed Popsy Lee though. Big G’s das has been in hospital quite unwell this past fortnight so he was missed at the celebrations but we’ll celebrate again when we get him home. 5 days into 40 & it ain’t that bad, honest I’m feeling good about this chapter. Feeling grateful to have made it this far to have my little family . Granted I’d like a smooth forehead & firm tits too but I’ll settle for contentment & being alive right now.

We’ve had further good news. Big G’s old club Doncaster Rovers have made a great gesture towards our medical bills fund. They’re donating a certain percentage of home shirt sales to my fund between now & xmas. Wow. We are overwhelmed, grateful , excited. This should help take care of a good amount of medical bills.

DRFC class act, as are the fans.

Anyhow I’m off for a dog walk, then I plan on listening to a healing meditation my friend sent me this morning.

To anyone & everyone who wished me a happy Birthday - Thank you x


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