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  • gem lee

Tin for Ten

Hello again how are you? Nice to be asked isn't it, I hope this new way of greeting strangers on our daily walks is an inherited lockdown trait that continues.

Not sure how I feel about the relaxation of quarantine guidelines, well I do. I'm pretty sure I'm terrified. What we really need to remember during this testing time is that we all want the same things health, release from lockdown , to see friends & family the list goes on . I'm not changing anything, well maybe a little thing, expanding me bubble. YEE HAWWWWW!

I cannot wait to sit in garden with much missed family & friends. my mam; But please people I beg you to adhere to guidelines we all want some sense of normality asap. It's one thing to expand your bubble but another thing entirely to congregate on mass.

I was absolutely sickened to see the video of the killing Geoege Floyd. This kind of police brutality is never ok EVER! For every action there is a reaction. A man was killed. A black man. True. I wish the reaction had been peaceful & positive , I feel it would have done a lot more to move the BLM movement further forwards. Noise, hysteria, violence does exactly that create noise, hysteria, violence whilst the real message gets lost. Were all talking about the violent protests rather than the murder of George,

We can do better with our reactions surely.

This is very controversial & we all have opinions but I beg people to start listening instead of judging. If we really listened to each other we'd gain much better perspective & understanding. I know I'm a hippie but peace man, peace x

We've had another lockdown celebratory occasion in The Lee's. Mr. GLee & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. 10 years since Viva Las Vegas. We were married in The Little White Wedding Chapel by a Rastafarian called Henry. Epic bloody day. Decent 10 years to be fair. Proud of us, nothings plain sailing but we're a team & for better or worse n all that . Home team. Home slice. you know the drill.

Mr.G will willingly tell all that I more often than not forget our anniversary date he has to remind me ...I'm so the bloke. This year however I was reminded ( thanks Beth) that it was indeed tin for 10 years so I purchased some tin cuff links. I also cooked. I used to enjoy cooking but kids, life, work, illness has seen me do far less. I pulled it out of the bag for our anniversary dinner herby minty crusted lamb - wife points.

We've just gotten another delivery of the trial drug I'm on from Germany. Again this is only possible due to the ongoing fund raising folks are doing for me. Thank you again it's never unappreciated believe me.

Next brain MRI scan is approaching. Anxiety is building. Will update you all soon.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little space.

Stay Safe.


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