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  • gem lee

Emerging Imaging

Monday Monday. the kids have returned to school from Easter break. I’ve hauled ass to the gym this morning, I’m now tucked up on the couch basking in the golden light that floods the comfies ( our living room)

I’m doing affirmations & giving thanks . Thanks for absolutely everything from opening my eyes this morning to sharing memories with my best friend to breathing. They’ll never be another second I take even the simplest thing for granted . life is way too precious. Anyway I’m bathing in glorious solar energy , I imagine it healing my cells & killing Monty off good & proper. The sunlight, oh that beautiful sunlight it offers me peace, comfort & the hope of balmy beach days to come. I’m optimistic as always.

Talking about optimism, my quarterly MRI is days away the very thought makes my head spin , spiralling my anxiety. Must keep it together. So please as always I ask for your prayer & positive thoughts.

The UK is crawling out of hibernation! Yey!!! Shops, restaurants, gyms are reopening & so on we can live again woo hoo!!! I’m so excited I nearly wet myself when my sister mentioned a trip to IKEA might as well have been offered a trip to the Maldives!! Never been so excited!!! It’s been a loooong lockdown , I’ve had a taste of ”normal life” again this morning & I’m ready for more.

Let me sign off by paying tribute to ol’ Prince P. We’ve lost a character , the queen a life’s partner. I’m no loyalist & I know he was terribly Un PC but I kind of had an affinity for him. He had character, conviction & gumption for that he shall he missed.

Stay safe people & be kind.


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