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  • gem lee

Easy like a Sunday Morning

Sunday morning 8am . Sat in bed listening to the seagulls stomp noisily on the porch roof . They’ve no respect for sleepy Sundays those seaside suckers.

I’m giving my daily gratitude & doing affirmations. First thing I do when I open my eyes I thank the Lord ( Buddha Allah, the universe, source) for another day. Another day of hearing my children’s laughter, my mother’s smile, my husbands love, & support of Friends.

Believe me I know how lucky I am to still be here & long may it continue 🤞🏼

We’ve had a week in Cornwall, what a beautiful Part of our country. There were beach walks, surf comps, castle adventures, & the start of the Euros. All in all an epic time. Made some fantastic memories . Ultimately thought about the cancer the least I have in the past 2.5 years. What a welcome relief! To have moments in the day (longer at times) where I forget I have this montstrosity is absolutely bliss, but then it hits me like a tragic tidal wave the reality of my tragic life.

Dry your eyes mate this ain’t no pity party. I’ve always been direct, cancer hasn’t changed that. Sitting here , as I do, reflecting on my journey. It’s nuts. I mean properly nuts. what a rollercoaster my life has been so far, from TS1 to wag, infertility to 2 natural miracles, losses you could never imagine. Pain, heartache. i have been tested ( & rewarded) my whole life. The current test I approach no differently from the rest. PMA, resilience & down right defiance. I’ve always been a little rebellious. So the best thing anyone could do was telling me I’m going to die, my defiant little self says FU. Watch me live. I’m terrified, anxious, sad but bloody minded. I’m going nowhere. I’ve stated my claim.

I’m a woman of my word.

Toot toot, beep beep, gem gem is off her feet ( & back behind the Wheel ) yup look out for me crawling round Teesside. I’m a bit “driving miss daisy ‘ after 3 years out from behind the wheel, but wow it feels amazing to drive again. Liberation!!!!!

I want say a Special thank you to Trinity in the sky for the special 💝




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