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  • gem lee

Don’t count me out

It’s Friday morning, there’s a moody grey sky outside, it’s a cold, cold mid October morning. I’m snuggled on the kitchen couch with H dog , planning Halloween & Christmas in my head. I love a festivity. Halloween & Christmas especially are my favourite times of the year. The past 2 have been a little different. Adapt & adjust. I’ve found it difficult to plan ahead or look too far forward giving the terminator resides in my head. So planning birthdays, Christmas, future occasions can be a massive mind feck. Subconsciously maybe I believed I wouldn’t see plans come into fruition, I don’t know. What I do know is that’s changed. I refuse to believe I’m leaving this mortal realm , dare I? I do. I dare look ahead, make plans set dates. Why? Well I’ve had a further stable scan result !!!!! More about that in a sec though. Before that I had a healing session with a local guy (guru) & he affirmed to be what I’ve always thought. The mind is a powerful thing, none of us truly know what we’re capable of. Human spirit cannot & has not been measured. Shit, it’s been tested but no one knows what we’re truly capable of. I’m adopting superhero mindset, untouchable, screw you cancer! Feck this I’m living not just surviving. I had my recent mri brain scan result. STABLE! Yup stable Mabel if anything slightly improved. YES!!! This is the boost we needed. Something is working so again thank you to anyone & everyone who has contributed to my meds fund. In the words of Dr R whatever your doing keep on doing it, it’s working. watch.this space.


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