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  • gem lee

Christmas is coming....

It’s sunday 29th November. We’re 1 month out from Christmas, Partway through lockdown part deux. the trees up, the dinners cooking. Lights twinkle everywhere. it really is the most magical time of the year. I LOVE Christmas!!!

i mean seriously love it, the decs, the food, the songs, the mass consumerism, yup I’m a Christmas ho ho ho. ive spent the afternoon crafting a garland. I’m a proper middle ager now arn‘t I. Get my kicks off of finding a new adhesive or sparkly adornment. Boyes are my new thing. You’ll often find me rummaging in the crafting aisle. the full Lee unit are gearing up to make it as memorable as possible. We’re not sure how we can make it work logistically but where there is a will there’s a way. Our annual trip to Center Parcs has been put on pause. The kids we’re inconsolable, I was gutted too. But we’re all here together as a family so musn’t grumble. Teeside‘s in Tier3 !!! Come on Boro ..behave!! We all need to tow the line so we can get back to normal asap.

im feeling physically well , grateful to have nothing major to report. my next scan is in January so I feel like this is the first time in a few years that I can relax at Christmas not awaiting a result. This doesn’t mean to say I’m not worrying. I am always worrying, my anxiety has took on new life. Grew wings . It’s freaking soaring. Swirling above me in torrents of torment. Stop. 2 short breaths in through the nose. 1 long breath out through the mouth. Composure commences. we’re all including myself adjusting to a new normal. Anxiety is bound to be triggered in these uncertain times. Add terminal brain cancer into the mix & yea you get my drift. anyway I’m keeping busy. It’s my go to when stressed. There’s Bn Xmas shopping, decorating , planning lots going on to keep my dangerous mind busy. In the midst of al this I’ve ordered a sofa for kids playroom that’s matchstick sized, lost my national insurance card, & got acne. I‘m a delight .

until next time. Stay safe. Stay well. keep it festive.


warriorgemm warriorge

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