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  • gem lee

Boro Kits & n Tanning Mitts

The clue is in the title folks. Anyone else gone off the rails with online shopping during lockdown?? Not just me then ? I laugh with my mates about it but seriously I may have a bit of a problem. Lockdown has been a longtime but I have literally been locked down since my biopsy January 2019. From then onwards I've been unable to drive & so on. This has been more difficult than I realised I've had to adapt to a new way of living, I've gone from an extremely capable woman to relying on others for well lots of things. I'm my own worst critic so this has become increasingly frustrating for me.

The worse my anxiety gets the more I shop. Maybe it's a coping mechanism ( that's my excuse )Not expensive stuff a load of old junk from a not so magical & grossly inaccurate website but I get a buzz when the doorbell rings & I play Russian roulette with the parcel force pile. You see out of every 10 orders I make 1 item is usually cool the rest well I won't go into my postage stamp sized rug or dog run that was surely for hamsters. If nothing else it gives me a good laugh & a bit of excitement.

It's strange the things you do by means of coping with different scenarios often subconsciously & if it's that the case I'm ok with that, worse things happen.

Anyway thats me for today just want to thank my mate Ste for running 42 miles for my medical fund, on the hottest day of the year! WOW!

Also don't forget to check out our GL warrior wear x


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