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  • gem lee

Boil the kettle, I’m in fine fettle.

Its Tuesday around tea time (if your northern ) I’m watching a place in the sun. The scent of my new candle sweetens the frosty air. Mam’s here . Grayson plays on the iPad. G & Hads are milling about the kitchen. I’ve just put a shepherds pie in, we’ve completed (survived) Tuesdays homeschooling & feeling a sense of relief that another days work is done. Home schoolers help me out here! Anyone else on the edge of reason with it all? I mean i can’t physically split myself between 2 kids, a dog, the housework , my own needs. Impossible. I’m not alone I know, there’s a sick comfort in knowing others are struggling the same but my nuked brain screams at math equations & spins at synonyms & expanded noun sentences. Send help lassie. We escaped the misery with a stay at home party Saturday night, DJ DD at The Beat Boutique provided us with an epic set Saturday night. We danced our socks off & we were all together in spirit . United in music & support for me. It was amazing , boosted my spirit & my meds fund. So so greatful. it was a celebration , yup I got another stable mri scan result. Wahoooo!!!! That’s the 3rd consecutive stable scan I’ve had & it dares me to believe I can beat this mofo. Fair to say that result has made me (us) ecstatic so a good dance around the kitchen was called for.

What essentially that means is we’ve somehow managed to stall this mofo, forever? For how long? We don’t know? But what we do know is we’ve just bought more time & I’m so unbelievably greatful for that.

What this also means though is as we don’t know just what it is that’s keeping it at bay, we must continue with all protocols that I’m currently

following? So this means long may the fundraising continue & I want to thank all those contributing again . The German meds alone cost approx £4K each month then there’s additional medical costs that take us over the £5k mark each month. So literally buying time is a very expensive affair. I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of people far & wide & I’m so so greatful to be enveloped in the bosom of Teesside. I’m feeling optimistic Dr R has said if I continue as I am I’ll be back driving this year & can get on an aeroplane whooo whoop. Just need covid to clear off now so I can get living.

stay safe, be smart.


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